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We bring your vision to life through dynamic graphic design, creating visuals that not only represent your brand but resonate deeply with your audience.

Brand Aligned Graphic Design

Logo Design

Our Logo Design service creates logos that are both distinctive and meaningful, truly representing the spirit of your brand. We focus on designing logos that are not just visually appealing but also resonate with your business's core values and identity.

Brand Assets Design

Our brand assets design service develops a cohesive set of visual elements that coherently expresses your brand's unique story and values. From business cards to email newsletters, we ensure each design element strengthens your brand identity and communicates its vision with clarity and consistency,

Canva Brand Templates

Our branded canva templates are custom, easy-to-use design templates that reflect your brand's identity, ensuring consistency across all your communications. These will help you create professional, brand aligned content quickly, enhancing your visual storytelling. 

Logo Design

    • You already have a logo design but you're not totally in love with it.

    • You just started your brand.

    • You already have your brand strategy but haven't started designing yet.

    • You need to give your brand identity new life. 

  • First, you'll submit the contact form below. Then, you'll receive a form where you'll be asked a few questions about your brand and submit your brand strategy. Based on this in 7-10 business days, you'll receive initial designs, followed by your feedback and revisions, we'll refine and edit. The final step will be the delivery of your polished high quality logo. 

  • Logo Design $800



    Brand style guide

    1 primary logo 

    1 sublogo

    2 logo variations

    Brand Fonts

    Brand color palette

    2 brand assets of your choice

    All files come in JPG,PNG,PDF,Vector files.

    If you are looking for brand strategy please click here.

  • Fill out the form below, or click here. You'll receive your initial design form and we'll be in contact within 24-28hrs. 

Contact Us

Brand Assets

  • The business owner who already has a logo suite, but needs brand assets that are visually cohesive with their logo and brand. 

    Business owners also choose us for copywriting projects as our team are experts in capturing your brand's voice and messaging and able to write blogs, email copy, training materials and other assets that align with your brand. 

  • Simply fill out the form below, and tell us what you are looking for and we'll be in contact shortly.

  • Pricing will vary dependent on the extent of the design. 

    Some of our most popular projects are:

    Graphic Design post: $40

    Graphic Design story: $30

    Reel/Video Editing: $200

    Caption copywriting: starting at $30

    Promotional Flyers: $50

    Website Lightbox Pop-up: $80

    Blog Post: $120

    Email Newsletter: $250

    Brochure: $100

    Brand Deck: $200

    Business Cards: $200

    Referral Cards: $100

    Banners: $80

    PDF designs: starts at $40 per page

    Please contact us if you have an item not on this list or a full project that requires a package.

  • Fill out the form below, and we'll be in contact shortly

Canva Brand 


  • You'd like to continue managing your social media, but you're not a fan of designing

    You struggle with finding the right colors and fonts to match your brand.

    You're inconsistent with your design style

    You want an easy to follow template, professionally designed and care about your brand's aesthetic.

    You want your socials to look different than your competitors, and everyone else who follow Canva's  templates.

  • Fill out the form below.

    We'll get in contact shortly, we'll send you a form where you can tell us your brand colors, style, and we'll discuss what vibe/look you want. 

    We'll start designing, within 10-15 days we'll send you a fully curated design. Once you approve, we'll share the editing link with you and guide you on how to use it.

  • Pricing starts at $400

    You'll get a 30-page template designed for your brand, with your logo, colors, typography, and stock photos to match your brand. Plus a training by our brand strategist to help you continue communicating your brand through stories. We also send you a curated list of hashtags for your niche, and BONUS a template for stories as well.

  • Fill out the form below and we'll get in contact shortly.

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